Fun with Dick and Jane

Here’s another movie from 1977 and this one stars Jane Fonda, George Segal and, as the bad guy(!), Ed McMahon!

Long story short – Dick gets laid off and has a lot of bills so Dick and Jane team up on a crime wave that escalates to the final big score.

There are several politically incorrect moments that land quite flat but probably strongly appealed to the “Archie Bunker is not such a bad guy” demographic.

The most interesting thing to me about this movie is Ed McMahon playing the bad guy and he does it quite well!

The rest of the movie is just so-so with some funny moments here and there but overall it’s just another movie that reminds me of how depressing the 70’s were!

The Late Show

No, not the one with Stephen Colbert. I just watched the movie from 1977 starring Art Carney (playing the tired old guy at the age of 59), Lily Tomlin and Bill Macy (who was also starring in Maude at the time).

This Late Show doesn’t feature extremely pointed comedy about Republicans. This one is a movie about a private eye in the later years of his career who gets involved in solving the case that cost the life of his ex-partner, the search for Lily Tomlin’s cat. At least that’s what I think was happening.

A lot happens and I split up my viewing of the movie over several days so it was tough to keep track of it all. I enjoyed it and was surprised to discover that the movie was nominated for an Oscar for Original Screenplay. I thought that the actors were great but the vague idea of romance between Art Carney and Lily Tomlin’s characters seemed cringey even for 1977.

Oh, the spammers

Spammers on WordPress are like cockroaches. They’ve been around since the beginning of WordPress and they’ll be here long after the legitimate creators are gone.

Something new has been the like spammers – people who like your post because this might encourage you to check out their page and give them a follow. It also adds links back to their page on your posts so it’s like a free advertisment.

I don’t know if they have software that does this or if this is a service that runs through a webpage but I see the same names pop up as liking posts on a number of WordPress sites and I find it suspicious/annoying.

I have put an end to this here. I removed the like button from my posts. If you find this page in Reader or wherever and you like the post, no one will know but you. I won’t see it in my notifications (I turned off like notifications) or on my pages anymore and no one else will see them either.

No more free ads for you here. You know who you are.

It’s eerie quiet

and we know it’s coming. Obviously, whatever will be left of Ida won’t be nearly as bad as it was when it arrived with full strength in Louisiana. For us, it will be hours of annoying wind and rain and hopefully not damaging wind and rain.

I’m typing this out on my new to me Surface which has been assigned to me by work so I have something more portable to take around with me when needed and I am amazed (so far) by the potential it has to take the place of even my personal devices. I wish I had gotten this a few months ago before I bought my Chromebook which I love but now seems so unnecessary.

I don’t have as much motivation

to update this on weekends. Since I work at home, I am here through the week and writing here is a nice break from the monotony of work. I typically get out on more on weekends and even though I have the app, I don’t slow down as much and think about this site or much other social media.

So, if the weekends around here are quiet, that’s normal for me.

I am filled

with anger and frustration most of the time, an anger and frustration fueled by a handful of politicians that seem to be controlling the narrative and taking the ship of our society further and further off-course.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped paying attention to them. We reprioritize. We stop twisting in the winds of rage originating from a few very loud people.

When we are not watching, would they take over? When we are watching, does it slow them down?

Is it all in our minds. Maybe they only seem powerful because we are listening.

Could September be different if I decided to make it different?