I am filled

with anger and frustration most of the time, an anger and frustration fueled by a handful of politicians that seem to be controlling the narrative and taking the ship of our society further and further off-course.

I wonder what would happen if we stopped paying attention to them. We reprioritize. We stop twisting in the winds of rage originating from a few very loud people.

When we are not watching, would they take over? When we are watching, does it slow them down?

Is it all in our minds. Maybe they only seem powerful because we are listening.

Could September be different if I decided to make it different?

Author: classicjason

It's me. Classic Jason.

2 thoughts on “I am filled”

    1. September is going to rock (?) and congratulations on being the first to find whatever all of my other goofing around with blogging this summer has been leading up to as I have slowly figured out what I want to do writing-wise. I’m still settling in but I believe I have found a good format that works for me and a nice and simple WordPress theme to go along with it.


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