Oh, the spammers

Spammers on WordPress are like cockroaches. They’ve been around since the beginning of WordPress and they’ll be here long after the legitimate creators are gone.

Something new has been the like spammers – people who like your post because this might encourage you to check out their page and give them a follow. It also adds links back to their page on your posts so it’s like a free advertisment.

I don’t know if they have software that does this or if this is a service that runs through a webpage but I see the same names pop up as liking posts on a number of WordPress sites and I find it suspicious/annoying.

I have put an end to this here. I removed the like button from my posts. If you find this page in Reader or wherever and you like the post, no one will know but you. I won’t see it in my notifications (I turned off like notifications) or on my pages anymore and no one else will see them either.

No more free ads for you here. You know who you are.

Author: classicjason

It's me. Classic Jason.