The Late Show

No, not the one with Stephen Colbert. I just watched the movie from 1977 starring Art Carney (playing the tired old guy at the age of 59), Lily Tomlin and Bill Macy (who was also starring in Maude at the time).

This Late Show doesn’t feature extremely pointed comedy about Republicans. This one is a movie about a private eye in the later years of his career who gets involved in solving the case that cost the life of his ex-partner, the search for Lily Tomlin’s cat. At least that’s what I think was happening.

A lot happens and I split up my viewing of the movie over several days so it was tough to keep track of it all. I enjoyed it and was surprised to discover that the movie was nominated for an Oscar for Original Screenplay. I thought that the actors were great but the vague idea of romance between Art Carney and Lily Tomlin’s characters seemed cringey even for 1977.

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