People Overload

The anxiety level is high this evening which I find surprising since I am about to start week two on the maximum dosage of the happy pills but maybe that is the problem. Maybe it’s just too much? Maybe the happy gauge hit max and bounced back down to 1/2? I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just people overload. Or staycation overload.

I typed “anxiety” into the free WordPress stock photos function and this is the first image that came up. I don’t believe he looks too anxious puffing up. Lung cancer? Nah, these things are good for me!

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It feels weird to be off schedule after a while and that could be a part of it. Tomorrow, structure returns as I head back to work. And next week, community band fires up again so I’ll finally be back in a band-related activity. Having no band-related activities from July until now has been quite weird and I don’t believe I have found my groove on how to properly fill that free time. I’m a bit all of the place.

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  1. Sorry to hear anxiety is up – but our states of mind are in continuous flux, and this just means at another time you’ll be flyings high and chuckling about how great the day is. I think the worst thing would be not to have any highs and lows and to just be level headed all the time.

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