Friday in Armpit

It’s Friday – again.

I don’t know why but the weekend seems to arrive faster now. Maybe it’s because I don’t have marching band activities on Friday and Saturday anymore so every day ends up being sort of the same and then the weekend comes and disrupts my sleep cycle and then, POW, it’s Monday again.

In news from Armpit, my Cuban neighbor is outside this morning building a chicken wire fence around his entire yard so he can have chickens wandering around. I don’t believe this is legal but what do I know. He also has patio furniture he built out of pallets, the old combo shower and bath he pulled from his house in his backyard now acting as a planter and a giant portable building he put between our two houses that seems to act as his own private workout gym and bar.

Other people in the neighborhood seem to be unhappy about all of this. They were all standing in their front yards last night watching him install fence posts as chickens followed him around. I am a weird person and I enjoy the unexpected so this is right down my alley so I won’t be complaining or gossiping with anyone about this. I will just sit back and watch.

But what about my property value, you might ask, and I say there is nothing this guy could do to lower my property value. My house is worth far more than I owe because the housing market here is insane. My neighbor could put in a missile silo and I would still double my money if I sold. But I have no need or urge to sell and I find that watching chickens is sort of peaceful.

In organization news, I have loaded the car with another round of donations for our local help center. These are items that fell in the “haven’t used them in 6 months so they can go” category so I am getting down to the essentials now. It’s refreshing to look in the attic or closets and see so much space and since I am not going to the help center until tomorrow, more items might go out the door today.

Finally, here is one of the free WordPress photos from the keyword search Chicken:

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2 thoughts on “Friday in Armpit”

  1. I have a passing interest in this topic; it’s being discussed in my neck of the woods too (for one thing, it brings with it a potential vermin problem). I did a little searching about your vicinity, and if what I’m reading is correct (and/or if I’m reading it correctly), he can have up to six hens, but no rooster.



    1. He can’t have chickens within 1000 feet of any house within city limits without a special permit which he might have. He already has the rooster. He cannot have a pig or swine which is a shame. I would like to see some goats show up. We could have a whole zoo.


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