Mindless Saturday

We have a rainy few days ahead until Thursday when it will supposedly be dry. It’s like the rain and dreary days just came out of nowhere or maybe I’m not paying as much attention to the weather now that I don’t have to be out in it on Friday and Saturday nights.

I’ve also developed a bit of an annoying cough with plenty of drainage so I scheduled a rapid test for good ‘ol COVID over at the clinic this afternoon. Follow along on Twitter for the results! I love being swabbed! When they come in with the swab, I think I’ll drop my pants and bend over just to see what happens.

In chicken news, let me get up and see if they are out at the moment. Be right back.

Sorry that took so long. The chickens were not out but then I got distracted and cleaned off my side of the bathroom counter and dusted some items in the bedroom. I HATE dusting. Dust should be outlawed or universally accepted and left alone. Anything that allows me freedom from dusting.

Oh, no. The family is back from Walmart so now I will get sucked into bringing in groceries. Even possible COVID does not relieve me from grocery duty.

Author: classicjason

It's me. Classic Jason.