COVID negative

I don’t have much of an update today aside from A) I’m feeling better than I have in several days and B) My COVID test from yesterday was negative so it appears I’m back to my ragweed-related season allergy funk. This is surprising to me since I thought the only illness left was COVID and everything was gone. Plus, I don’t remember having any allergy problems last fall but maybe I just assumed every sniffle was possible COVID and I just went to bed each time versus this year when I am out and about doing some stuff, not all the things, but some of the things.

Will we ever go back to 2019 normal? I may not.

In trying to get back to normal, community band starts back up tomorrow with masks and social distancing and a smaller group than last spring so we will see how all of that works out. It will be nice to be playing music again.

Here’s a WordPress stock photo that came up for the word normal and yep, that’s about right.:

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