Sunday Shorty

Another weekend has flown by and I’m starting to realize that I write here more at the kitchen table than anywhere else. I’m not sure why I always end up at this same spot. I could use the laptop while sitting on the couch but that doesn’t feel formal enough. I could sit out on the deck but the mosquitos have been extra nasty lately. I could be back in the bed but would probably put myself to sleep trying to think of something to share.

And what do I have to share? Not a great deal although it was another action-packed weekend doing all sorts of stuff with little down time. It’s 9:06PM as I write this. I guess I could have written something earlier today but I could have started clothes in the washer earlier today and I didn’t do that either. I left that for Monday Jason. Screw that guy.

Here’s the first picture from the WordPress free photo set that pops up for the word Sunday:

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