Coffee and Snack Size! Cinnamon Donuts

The title tells you what is powering me as I write out this post. The coffee seems healthy enough, depending on who you ask. The donuts not so much but donuts with cinnamon on them is good and cinnamon is one of the many ingredients that make up these snack size! cinnamon donuts so there is at least a hint of authenticity.

Why the exclamation point on the package after snack size? Who knows! They are pretty exciting for a donut, I guess.

I get so tired in the mornings. I thought it was the happy pills so I swapped them around since I’ve been taking the bigger dose in the morning and the smaller dose at night. That does not seem to help so I think it is the blood pressure medicine giving me the morning draggies even with coffee and donuts.

Also, I’m not sure how much coffee and how many snack size! donuts I should be consuming while being on blood pressure medicine. Coffee and snack size! donuts might be the reason I am having to take that medicine. I look at it as a partnership. Coffee+happy pills+snack size! donuts+blood pressure medicine=me.

Author: classicjason

It's me. Classic Jason.