Is ignorance bliss?

I was back at work today and had less time to think about how screwed up our society is so yeah, it’s good to be distracted!

What all is screwed up?

How about people protesting hospitals about vaccines, which makes no sense when the hospital is the place that will try to save your life if you get COVID and are not vaccinated?

How about another stupid rally in Washington D.C. this Saturday to celebrate the stupid rally which led to an act of domestic terrorism back in January? How does Trump get away with everything he gets away with? Oh, yeah – he told us he would back in 2016 when he said this on the campaign trail in Iowa:

“I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, and I wouldn’t lose any voters, OK?” Trump remarked at a campaign stop at Dordt College in Sioux Center, Iowa. “It’s, like, incredible.”

Ah. Hmm. Yeah.

And the craziness continues to build because A) more people are joining the crazies and B) the crazies are getting louder and seemingly more powerful.

If we shut all of this out by watching the correct newscasts and muting out a lot of people on social media, we can get a false sense that everything is fine and it’s quite dangerous to be looking the other way.

Why? Here’s one example of why we need to pay attention –

People Overload

The anxiety level is high this evening which I find surprising since I am about to start week two on the maximum dosage of the happy pills but maybe that is the problem. Maybe it’s just too much? Maybe the happy gauge hit max and bounced back down to 1/2? I don’t know. Or maybe it’s just people overload. Or staycation overload.

I typed “anxiety” into the free WordPress stock photos function and this is the first image that came up. I don’t believe he looks too anxious puffing up. Lung cancer? Nah, these things are good for me!

Photo by Anfisa Eremina on

It feels weird to be off schedule after a while and that could be a part of it. Tomorrow, structure returns as I head back to work. And next week, community band fires up again so I’ll finally be back in a band-related activity. Having no band-related activities from July until now has been quite weird and I don’t believe I have found my groove on how to properly fill that free time. I’m a bit all of the place.

On vacation week

there may not be as much activity here, I am finding out.

First of all, no ideas of things I want to write about are popping into my mind. Second, I seem to be busier than I expected. For example, today was FULL. It seems like we were going full steam from waking up until now and now it’s 9:15PM and I’m finally on the couch in from of the football game.

Where did the day go? I don’t know. Just like Leroy and Leroy say, “There’s always something to do!”

Being kind to future me

As I noted in the previous post, we watched a movie last night and this was during the time I normally get a few things on the to do list done.

After the movie, I had a choice to make. Either get those things done or leave them for future me to do the next morning. I chose to get up and get those things done.

I guess the voice of future me was already yelling at current me for even thinking of postponing these things and making this morning even busier than normal.

As I get older, I try to be more considerate of future me.

Wayne’s World

Earlier this week, my youngest’s daughter said something and I responded, “Excellent!” like I do most of the time and she asked where that comes from and I said, “Wayne’s World. You know, party time, excellent!.” She did not know.

By Diane Reynolds-Nash – Impawards, Fair use,

So, tonight was the night to rent it and watch it with her and her boyfriend and I think they enjoyed it. I had not seen it in many years. I might have watched it one additional time after seeing it in the theater back in 1992.

I came into it not remembering much about it (The Shandi Effect) but all of the familiar parts were there, of course, and it was a fun movie with good writing and great performances. I just looked it up and it even made Gene Siskel’s list of best movies for 1992.

Wayne’s World was such a huge part of early 1990’s culture and the early 90’s are well-documented by Rob Lowe’s wardrobe and apartment!

I do remember seeing the sequel and I believe it is horrible but I’m sure I’ll get around to seeing it again at some point just to make sure.

Until then, “Wayne’s World! Wayne’s World! Party Time! Excellent!”

Staycation begins

I mowed last night so mowing would not carry over into at least the beginning of the staycation. Why is this another staycation? The deadly virus cutting through our population, even us vaccinated folks? The now adult kids are in college and are working this week also? I am lazy?

Yes, all of the above.

I have three books to dive into this week. I have no appointments – hair, doctor or other. I’m trying to keep the to do list to a bare minimum. I hope to spend a great deal of time on the deck or in the swing of reading/podcasting if the weather cooperates.

22 posts in

and it’s time to connect to the Twitter!

Welcome to the site. It’s a place for me to drop in and spew some thoughts occasionally. This is not a newsletter replacement. It may come back one day. Who knows.

Earlier in the summer, I was going to have a WordPress site using the URL but if you click on that link you’ll notice some shenanigans are afoot. More on that Thursday on the podcast.

Hint – Christmas is just around the corner!

A song for Friday:

It’s already Thursday

Wasn’t it just Monday? And we have a holiday weekend coming up?

For many years, this upcoming weekend meant one thing, Jerry Lewis. You knew he was an a-hole in real life (and he was sort of an a-hole at times on the telethon) but you watched anyway because you wanted to see if anyone you knew calling in with a pledge. Sometimes I pledged money just to see my name on the screen.

Aside from that and no matter what you thought of him, Jerry Lewis did incredible work for MDA and I have always thought it was awful they way it all came to an end. When I was growing up, he was Labor Day and in my mind, he always will be.

I am in a much better place

since accepting and appreciating my anger.

I recently started using Twitter as an outlet for most of it. I fought this for years. It frustrated me to see other people so it. I wonder now if I thought my anger had no value and possibly that was a reflection of my own perceived self-worth.

Being on the happy pills has cleared those thoughts from my mind and I now I see the healthy part of having a place to yell into the void.

I also have settled into the right regimen of medication where my blood pressure is where the doctor wants it to be which is a relief and I think or at least hope that having outlets for not just anger but also creativity and hobbies have helped with that also.