Another soggy Sunday

It’s fall and early fall is the rainy season here so today has not disappointed in keeping with that theme as my backyard is currently transforming into a creek.

We did get about an hour and a half of a break earlier and was able to have a big potluck lunch outside with a breeze blowing through and even a peek of sun now and then before the rain came back so yes, fall is out there if you can find it!

Yesterday was the annual marching band contest at the local high school where my daughter was in band and I volunteered for four years as equipment guy, chaperone, transportation, trailer puller, IT guy, social media guru etc. so of course I was back up there most of the day and I summed up the experience in a tweet:

Things I like about volunteering with the band after my band student has graduated:

  • No meetings. Just show up.
  • 2 hour supper break off campus.
  • No heavy lifting.
  • Have a walkie-talkie but no longer have to run toward any problem.
  • Stress level nil.

I did end up streaming the exhibition performance and awards ceremony on the band Facebook page if you want to see my limited cinematography skills on display. We had to stream them because the second half of the contest got moved inside for rain (of course) and don’t worry, I did end up getting soaked at one point so it was just like old times!

At this point I am finally in my recliner for a bit resting and allow me for a moment to sing the praises of my HP Chromebook. If you want to write, the Chromebook is for you. It is instant-on with no waiting for things to load up like Windows. Open the lid and BAM! And the new Chromebooks are even better than the old ones. The battery lasts FOREVER. This is my best tech purchase of the year and I saved money buying a returned one at Best Buy.

And, the audio is amazing. As I write this, I am listening to this stream on the Relax Cafe Music channel on YouTube:

I hope your Sunday is going well. I just noticed IFTTT is once again not sending my Instagram posts to Twitter (since 9/9!) so I have to go fool with that. You missed two good ones today if you didn’t see them on Instagram, both having to do with my neighbor, the ex-chicken owner! He has decided to install a toilet as a planter to go along with his yard shower!

Ah, the joys of suburb living. My neighbor has also put up a hog wire fence around almost the entire house so I expect House Beautiful or Better Homes & Gardens to show up with a photographer any day now!

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