A quote on writing

Gary Paulsen died yesterday. He wrote over 200 books that were aimed mostly at young adults. His most widely known book was Hatchet, released in 1986.

I saw this quote from him tweeted last night and I read it several times and thought wow, what an amazing passion he had for writing.

It is from the 20th anniversary edition of Hatchet.

All I have ever wanted in my life is two things-to write and to have readers. It was and still is a wonder to me how writers and readers meet in the pages of a book, how books come from a part of the writer and become part of the reader. But the force behind it, the thing that pushes me to write, that awakens me at night with story ideas, that causes my breath to stop and hold with a sentence that comes out right, and that makes coming to the computer or the pad of paper with a cup of tea every morning an experience filled with the feeling of wonderful newness and expectation, the engine that drives me to write is, surely, love.

Writing is … everything … to me.

Gary Paulsen

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