Today is

  • a new start if needed
  • a blank slate aside from the chores and to-do’s we assigned to today ahead of time
  • a chance to choose what I let in to my mind (negativity vs. positivity)
  • a chance to choose what I let in to my body (healthy eating vs. lazy eating)
  • an opportunity to sit in the sun for a while
  • possibly wasted if I do nothing with it

A pleasant evening

I have been unleashing my anger on Twitter on a newly reactivated public account. There is so much to be angry about these days and I’ve enjoyed Twitter much more since it has become to me exactly what I fought it becoming for so many years. It’s now the dumping ground for my rants and rages and it feels pretty nice.


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on

This old guy is working on getting the site going. It’s a shame he can’t afford to retire. Can you imagine being 90 or something and still having to wear a hard hat and a tie? Younger people need to step up.